Authentic Tanzania Consulting & Travel is a company that helps travellers to create their best trip to Tanzania, explore new places and cultures and share their own experiences. It is registered in Sweden with the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) and has ground operators in Tanzania.

Daniel, owner of Authentic Tanzania Consulting and Travel grew up in Maasai village of Longido, Arusha Tanzania, the capital of safaris in Tanzania’s northern circuit. As a Maasai growing in the savannah herding livestock and wandering through the dense, thorny, dusty and remote African bush, Daniel has major experience and knowledge of Tanzania’s local communities, natural wilderness and seasons. Upon graduating from Dar es Salam University, Daniel worked in the public service before realizing that helping change local communities and sharing Tanzania’s beauty and knowledge is his great passion. Afterwards, Daniel earned master degree in international human rights  from Lund University and in international relations from Malmo University. Currently, Daniel and his wife live in Malmo, Sweden with two young children, one of which has been to Tanzania a couple of times.

Daniel connects to Tanzania through regular trips as well as through his extensive network of friends, clients, traditional leaders, colleagues and professionals. Daniel’s aim is to enable visitors to discover his country’s incredible beauty through creating and organizing safaris, internship placements, volunteer positions as well as international exchange programs.

We Help You Plan

The best trip to is one created according to your needs. What are your primary concerns when on safari? luxury accomodation or maximum wildlife viewing?, game viewing or activity-filled safari (walking, hiking,biking, cultural tours?), responsible and eco-safari or not? (think of safari companies and lodges engaged in hunting the animals we all love to see). Do you prefer a private-guided safari (private car) or being lumped together with travellers unknown to you? We give you unbiased recommendations and greater control of your trip. Contact us for more.



When you want to go to Tanzania for a safari, you can always find a generalist travel expert nearby, but not always one you can trust or with the experience and local knowledge of your destination. I specialise and know Tanzania inside out. I grew up there and worked in its various regions. Start your journey following my footsteps, meet my Maasai people and experience genuine local interactions. We create your program to suit your preferences and seasons. To ensure safety and quality of service, I send you to people I know and worked with. To provide the best service, I keep myself updated of what’s happening in Tanzania be it new projects, best game viewing locations, opportunities, tourism regulations, laws and policies and more


I am available on my cell phone. We can also talk via Skype or Facetime . Of course if you are local in Malmö, Sweden, we can meet and talk over coffee. After booking and even when in Tanzania, you will have 24 hour support via my mobile phone for any emergencies or inquiries.


I work with people I know and who value service, quality and trust.


I strive to ensure that travel activities bring positive experience to local people and the environment. Authentic Tanzania support a community based organization and Maasai Women Project in Longido Arusha Tanzania