Planning Your Tanzania Safari

I know it can be intensive to plan travels and luxury  safaris to discover Tanzania’s authentic beauty: exotic wildlife, pleasant beaches, beautiful scenery, interesting history and local cultures.
In Tanzania, there are many, many ways to piece together a trip and there are amazing activities and destinations even for the average budget. There are also many options for safari accommodation offering different levels of comfort and taste – from top class hotels, exclusive lodges, and private mobile tented camps to comfortable medium-range lodges, standard guest houses and basic public campsites. But for us nothing is taken for granted. The best safari is one customized to suit your unique travel concerns. We consider your travel goals and style, budget estimate, activities, accommodation preference, group size, travel season or the required level of personalized service and we will work together to create your travel itinerary for a memorable experience.

As a company offering tours to Tanzania, we have also partnered with Safari Bookings , largest online and trusted resource for African holidays and safari planning.

Read the guidelines below on how we create your safari and then  Contact us  so that we work together to fine-tune a safari itinerary tailored to your needs.


To create the best itinerary just for you, we will need some information about your safari needs or preferences. Read all the tips here and then fill out and send this  Enquiry Form and answer the following questions as much as possible to give us the information we need.

    • What month do you plan to go on a safari in Tanzania?
    • How many days in the bush?
    • Number of travelers? Who is travelling with you? Alone? With children, spouse, grandparents, group of friends?
    • Would you prefer flying-in to and between parks?
    • Any special animals you would love to see?
    • Any special park that is a must visit?
    • Your accommodation preferences – Luxury? Comfortable? Mixed?
    • Would you like to do other activities other than game drives? Example visiting a Maasai village, walking safari in Serengeti , Ngorongoro or Arusha National park
    • Are you celebrating a special moment in your life? e.g. honeymoon, anniversary, birthday?
    • Any special needs?
    • Any budget estimates that we need to be aware of?


As soon as you have filled out the safari form and provided the above information, we will suggest safari options which we can adjust together until we are all set. Once you have the preliminary itinerary, we now check the dates as well as availability of accommodation. If everything is okay with accommodation, activities, and your international flight, then we move to the next step: advance payment


We require a deposit of 30% of the total rate from each client via credit card to confirm the booking. When payment is made, we will confirm the bookings and details in your preliminary itinerary and we will send you a safari invoice and the final safari itinerary.


Your adventure has begun!  By now, we will provide you with arrival details, travel information, packing tips and more. We will guide you throughout.


You are going on a safari! Not literally, but at this stage we will have double-checked your safari itinerary and you will have gotten emergency contact numbers for our ground operators in Tanzania.


After having travelled with us, we would love to hear from you and looking at your travel photos. We are excited to hear about your safari story.

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