Are you interested in global development issues and international cooperation and would like to expand your knowledge and obtain practical experience working in a developing country? Do you have difficulty finding suitable placement for you?
Volunteering and Internships are great opportunities to get to know a country in a different way other than tourists. We will help you share your skills, expertise and knowledge to the people who need it the most.
Our local partners in Arusha, Tanzania carry out projects in healthcare, education, social work, women empowerment, animal welfare and the environment. You engage yourself and help teaching and playing with preschoolers, plant vegetables with street children, gain medical experience in a hospital, work with rural farmers or veterinary care, teach leadership or micro-business education, do a case study or just come with your own creativity. Everybody can involve his/her knowledge and act according to their interests.


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Open Hours: 10-16

Human rights

You help raise awareness about human rights and rights of marginalized groups. You participate in providing education and promoting dialogue about human rights, gender equality and social norms to assist community members, and particularly women and girls, to realize their freedom and right to equality and assume greater responsibilities for their lives. You will work with lawyers, paralegals and other legal practitioners.


You work under the guidance of local doctors and care takers over various tasks such as patient care, assist with operations, assisting poor and underprivileged village women to deliver, etc. You can choose between working in small health clinics or big hospitals.
There are of course many departments to work with including, surgery, pediatrics, eye and dental care, HIV/Aids-, malaria- and tuberculosis-clinic, maternal healthcare and physiotherapy.


You can contribute your valuable time and knowledge to teach and assist pre-school, primary and secondary school children with their homework and studies and helping them to explore different career paths and build social skills. Learning English language is the biggest need for most young children. You can also assist children with special needs and engage your abilities and initiatives. You can play with kids, practice songs, games or create your own activities.

Our volunteer and internship opportunities are available year round and it is you who decide when you want go and for how long. We don’t have special dates. Usually, you will stay in a hostel in the neighborhood of your volunteer or internship placement and often volunteers share a hostel but at little extra cost, you can have your own private room. If you would rather rent private accomodation in town , we can assist you according  to your requirements.

You will work with and support one or more of the projects and gain valuable work experience. At the start, you will go through an orientation meeting and learn the basics of what it means be foreign in Tanzania! You will learn the local way of life and enrich your experience! At the same time it is also important to keep a positive attitude and be open for a new culture, new language and other ways of living. But don’t worry; you will never be left alone! Our local partners in Tanzania will guide you all the way.

We focus on providing the best service. We know that apart from your volunteer/internship work, you are also visiting a beautiful country with diverse local cultures and attractions. To make your stay one of the best memories in your life, we will make sure you have enough time to go on a safari, climb one of the mountains or participate on any of the many day trips.

You don’t see a program of your choice here?  Don’t worry.  Our local partners in Tanzania have access to the most flexible volunteer and intership opportunities in different fields. We will find you exactly what you want. Make an interest application today and tell us your field of interest. We will evaluate your general application and suggest to you opportunities that matches your requirements.