Our volunteer and internship opportunities are available year round. We don’t have special dates.
It is you who decide when you want go and for how long. Read the guidelines below on how to apply and
contact us by a filling a general application. It’s free.

1. General Application

Start with filling fill out the interest application form for volunteer or internship positions and we will respond with detailed information. This is not really an application. It is an enquiry. To help find the best placement for you, tell us your field/area of interest, preferred dates and other requirements.

2. We find your suitable Volunteer or Internship placement

After submitting your interest application we will respond briefly and suggest to you a range of available internship or volunteer opportunities based on your area of interest. We will also provide you with basic information on the program of your choice, details of applicable fees  and costs related to your stay (accommodation).

3.  Fill the Application Form
If you are interested in one of the available placements we will send you an application form, payment details  and invoice for the application and registration/programe fees. You will fill and sign the Application Form, attach your CV/personal letter (in English language) if required and pay the required fees. The form and proof/receipt of payment shall be sent to info@authentictanzania.se. The internship or volunteer placement will not be reserved and the application will not be evaluated if the required fees have not been paid.

4.  Confirmation of Internship/Volunteer placement
After submitting your application with the required fees, you will receive confirmation for your internship/volunteer placement, program details, visa information, travel information and arrival details, packing tips, contact details for host organization and useful guidelines for your destination.

5. Feedback!
On completion of your program, we’d love to hear from you. Share your experiences and stories with us.