One Day Wildlife Safari in Northern Tanzania

if you have limited time or just think it is boring to sit in a car on a several days’ safari, a one day tour in one of northern circuit’s famous parks could be an exciting option for you.  You can choose between visiting the Ngorongoro Crater, Arusha, Tarangire or Lake Manyara national parks. Please contact us for detailed information and recommendations on choosing the best park for the season as well as activities that can be combined for your day trip

After breakfast and safari briefing, we head to Arusha national park that is about 40 minutes’ drives northeast of the Arusha town. Being the closest to Arusha town and Kilimanjaro Airport, Arusha national park provides the best way to start or end your safari excursion in Tanzania. The park consists of distinctive landscapes including the dense rainforest, grassy hills, Momella lakes and the Ngurdoto Crater.  With guided walks, the park offers best opportunity to see and get closer to wildlife. There are no lions in the park and leopards are not easily seen, but the park is a home to cape buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, elephants, waterbucks, rare red duiker, dik-diks,  black and while colobus monkey, blue velvet monkey, many birds and thousands of flamingos flocking Lake Momella.
What is special with Arusha National Park is that you are allowed to do a walking safari in the park. With an armed ranger you can go on short hiking excursion through the dense rainforest and get an even closer to nature experience. The park is also ideal for canoeing and its smaller size and closeness allows you adequate time to combine any of the game drive and other activities in a one day trip. From one of the viewing points, it is possible to have good views of Mount Meru

After an early breakfast your driver guide picks you from your hotel and head southwest of Arusha town for Tarangire National Park. Covering an area of 2600 square kilometers, Tarangire is a vast wild landscape dotted by mysterious baobab trees, acacia woodlands and seasonal thick vegetation. You will enjoy great views of the Tarangire River valley. The park has huge concentration of elephants as well as many migratory wildebeests and zebra making a safari in Tarangire a wonderful experience. Other animal populations found in the park include buffalo, giraffe, impala, eland, hartebeest, greater and lesser kudu, lions, leopard, jackal and warthogs. Tarangire is also home to the gerenuk, rarely seen fringe-eared oryx and the tree-climbing rock python.

From Arusha town you head to Lake Manyara National Park, a lush green garden which for the most part is made of a lake of similar name. The main vegetation is jungle-like ground-water forest. The park lies at the base of the Great East African Rift Valley. The park is comparatively small covering an area of 330 square kilometers, 220sqkm being covered up by the lake itself. The park’s stunning scenery comprises of rocky escarpment, groundwater forest and acacia woodlands. The park is famous for its olive baboons and tree-climbing lions.  Elephants are easily seen. The park also accommodates buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, blue velvet monkey and many, many birds. The park is approximately two hours from Arusha Town. There are wide varieties of fine lodges and camps in the immediate vicinity of the park providing cozy accommodation and good food.

After an early breakfast, we depart for a fabulous game viewing in the Ngorongoro Crater best known for its volcanic crater and huge concentration of animals on a limited area. The crater is home to rhinoceros, lions, leopards, zebra, gazelles, hyenas, jackals and elephants and many bird species. On the crater floor lays an alkaline lake often filled with tens of thousands of flamingos. The Crater is a good place to see the Big Five: Elephant, Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Lion, & Leopard. Close the crater ridges, Maasai herders graze their cattle or goats in search for good pastures.
Ngorongoro offers excellent wildlife viewing at all seasons. Though it can get dry and dusty in the dry season, it still complements you with an amazing safari experience including a big chance of seeing the Big Five. From the beautiful crater rims, the magnificent view of the crater floor below and its bustling animal life evokes the impression of Disney’s “Lion King” in reality.

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